Neuroscience Firm Utilizes Creative Design to Inspire Employees

Neuroscience Firm Utilizes Creative Design to Inspire Employees


July 7, 2023

Vision Wall

The Vision Wall, adjacent to the boardroom, is a custom-designed installation aimed at inspiring employees and remember their purpose: to help patients who are suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.

Science and art are often seen as distinct disciplines, but for life science firms focused on discovery, the two can coexist, especially when the artwork can be appreciated for its emotional power.

Triggering an emotional response was exactly what Vigil Neuro was looking for when TRIA began the fit-out at its new research-based headquarters in Watertown. A biotech firm developing therapeutics for patients who suffer from rare and neurodegenerative diseases, the space aimed to daily remind its employees of their purpose.

How does creative design accomplish this? For Vigil, TRIA developed a warm, inviting and modern color palette to celebrate the people. Imagining the floor plan as a Nervous System for their microglia-focused science, neighborhoods were created to represent The Brain (lab), Neurons (open collaboration desks), the Spinal Chord (café), neurotransmitters and synapse (hallways that allow for serendipitous connections to other teams), and finally the Backbone (boardroom). Adjacent from the backbone, the foundation that supports the teams, a long corridor wall became the spotlight for the most inspiring design element in the 15,000-square-foot space: The Vision Wall.

Recognizing the power of art and its ability to inspire, Vigil and TRIA partnered to create an interactive 3D textile board in this corridor that aims to trigger an emotional response from employees, patients, caregivers and their families.

The installation is titled “Vision: A Brighter Tomorrow for People with Devastating Neurodegenerative Diseases.” It’s grand in scale, measuring approximately 28 feet wide by 8 feet high. Eleven wooden pegs are imprinted with strategically chosen “value” words–Trust, Vision, Inclusion, Compassion, Hope, Community, Transparency, Communication, Innovation, Urgency and Caregiver—and all surround a bigger center peg with the word Patients. By including all parties with whom their research affects ensures they are “doing it right” and “doing it together”, two Vigil staff mantras.

Users identify their individual values by wrapping a color-coded piece of yarn around the corresponding peg, allowing participants to reflect on what is important to them. As more users interact, the yarn pieces start to intersect and intertwine creating a web of truth and respect for the entire community, which symbolizes how “harnessing the power of microglia” can improve the lives of patients, caregivers and families.

Vigil Neuro incorporated other art installations throughout its space to inspire discovery and connection to its mission. For biotech firm Vigil Neuro, art inspires creativity, imagination, understanding, and expression; it stimulates dialogue and community, leading to innovation.

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