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Form follows culture


Cambridge, Mass.


50,000 SF & 46,000 SF



Market Sector

  • Corporate Interiors
  • Life Sciences & Technology
  • Manufacturing

Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals relocated its US headquarters from New Jersey to Cambridge, MA, one of the largest biotech hubs in the world. TRIA was tasked with renovating the new US headquarters while simultaneously renovating the company’s nearby research & development facility. Our architects and designers took care to create spaces that would serve the flexible and collaborative nature of Ipsen’s employees, whether in the lab or office. With an organic layout, fluid transitions, and a multitude of different ways to work, TRIA prioritized giving every employee an option best suited for their days work.

Ipsen doesn’t have assigned seating but rather makes use of assigned neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has access to lockers and designated conference rooms, and space for private phone calls. Coffee and water bars in between neighborhoods encourage inter-neighborhood collaboration with technological access at any given point to continue organic work flow.