Confidential Client

Confidential Client

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Project location

Boston, MA

Project Size

39,000 SF


Planning & Programming
Workplace Evaluation
Interior Design

This financial institution in the Back Bay of Boston needed a workplace that supported its new operational strategy, providing employees with mobility, flexibility, and a little fun too. They needed a collaborative, executive-style office that also offered opportunities for focus in both formal and informal areas.

To create a welcoming space, TRIA designed a floor plan that maximized the use of natural light. Warm tones coupled with a variety of zones that support different postures achieved the goal of promoting a healthy culture that is also supportive and innovative.  Visual and acoustic privacy were also high priorities. Equipped with planning ratios after interactive visioning workshops, TRIA programmed the space to include solo and duo rooms, focus workstations and pods, huddle rooms, along with larger open offices and meeting rooms. Design elements like the acoustic ceiling baffles and thoughtful textile choices contribute to an effort to maintain a cozy yet professional environment.