Workplace Design Captures the Soul of Ring Therapeutics

Workplace Design Captures the Soul of Ring Therapeutics


November 9, 2023

Ring's Lobby

Influenced by the CEO’s love of Asian garden designs and their meditative feeling of serenity, along with inspired feng shui concepts to circulate positive energy throughout the space, the lobby allows visitors to pause on the bench and reflect on Ring’s research. At the same time with the futuristic installation of interactive virtual art, the space intends to challenge guests and staff to think about the limitless possibilities of medicine while a cast of light shines upon them.

Groundbreaking science deserves a revolutionary workspace. From the front door to the back of the lab and the coffee breaks in between, Ring Therapeutics’ new headquarters in Cambridge, MA needed to function on all cylinders to support the staff’s creativity, energetic commitment, and forward-thinking science. It was a horseshoe curve in the repositioned building—and the company’s agenda of disruption in the gene therapy space—that inspired us to bend the rules in office standards.

I’ve appreciated the collaborative partnership with TRIA as we set out to create a space combining modern design with traditional Zen philosophy. It’s been tremendously rewarding to bring this to life and we hope this space will continue to inspire and energize us in our important mission.

– Ring Therapeutics CEO Tuyen Ong, MD, MBA

Ong’s appreciation for nature and Japanese architecture found its way into the overall design of this new 65,000 GSF office and lab. His vision stems from his love of Bonsai, whose origin can be traced back to Zen Buddhism when Chinese monks developed the dwarfed trees in monasteries as a spiritual practice to capture the beauty of nature and its essence of harmony and balance. In the process of trying to sculpt a living, breathing, and changing organism, the cultivator submits to the idea that his work will never be finished or complete.

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