Event Spotlight: IIDA New England Fashion Show

Event Spotlight: IIDA New England Fashion Show


November 26, 2019


Staci Barber & Donald Bárány

One of our favorite annual events just passed: the IIDA New England Fashion Show! We just love to see all the incredible outfits that grace the runway, and 2019 brought along some exciting changes. Each submission pulled a sub-theme to the overall theme, PORTALS: TRIA’s sub-theme was Jurassic Park. We had a lot of fun with this one!

We teamed up with Reflex Lighting and Wolf Gordon and chose to have two models.

Model 1 –  Thomas Choi represented the human, Ian Malcolm, aka, beloved actor, Jeff Goldblum. This ensemble was largely represented by Wolf Gordon materials. The outfit was dark, made up of shades of black with accents of red. As the human stuck within Jurassic Park, he has been attacked – he is bloody – but he is a survivor.

Deconstructed Materials Included:

  • Upholstery
  • Wall Cover

Model 2 – Our second model was Ryan Whitcomb who represented the dinosaur, the dilophosaurus, dressed in an outfit largely consisting of materials provided by Reflex Lighting. For inspiration, we looked to the dinosaur’s descendants: birds. This outfit was much more colorful and vibrant than the human’s and focused on transparency and beauty. The dinosaur shows off – he is the ultimate predator and fears no one.

Deconstructed Materials Included:

  • Wire
  • Zip Ties
  • Polypropylene
  • Galvanized Steel Mesh
  • Crystals

This year was extra special for us as our team won the award for Most Innovative. Also, Ryan got to strut his stuff on the runway as runner up for Best Walk. Let’s just say, our voices were a little raspy the next day from all the cheering.

Can’t wait for next year!

Special shout out: Another reason we love this annual event is that proceeds go towards a charity beneficiary.  This year’s beneficiary was YouthBuild Boston, providing underserved young people with the support and credentials needed to successfully enter the building trades. Find out more about YouthBuild Boston here: www.youthbuildboston.org.