Yuliya Mursuli

Designer I

Yuliya joins TRIA with unique life experiences that provide insightful perspectives and value to our team. Born in Ukraine, Yuliya  pursued her dream of being an architect by earning her master’s degree in South Florida, as well as Tokyo, Japan. There, she became curious with machine learning and computational design, which uses a combination of algorithms and parameters to solve design problems with advanced computer processing. Her technical skills and curiosity with software programs have raised the bar when it comes to providing solutions on her projects.

Fascinated with how social policies influence architecture, and how buildings influence culture, Yuliya appreciates the task of supporting the life sciences industry while designing labs because of the innovative and progressive work being done within them. She believes that technologies open us to a whole new spectrum of design options.  While earning her Master of Architecture, she worked full-time as a landscape designer for multi-million-dollar homes in Key Largo, Florida. When not volunteering on after-hours initiatives at TRIA, she enjoys exploring the city with her friends and experimenting with fashion.


  • Master of Architecture, Florida International University