Park Laflin, LEED Green Associate

Designer I

Park Laflin

As a graduate candidate, Park earned an award of excellence for his thesis, “CO: The Office”, which looked at the future of creating a socially, architecturally, environmentally, and technologically sustainable future for the office type. Passionate about harnessing nature’s technology in buildings, it explores the vision of living, computational, and responsive mycelium buildings. Park has immersed himself in service trips aiding in design and construction in low-income communities. He has a diverse set of technical skills, including Rhino, Revit, Sketchup, Dynamo + Grasshopper, Adobe CC Suite, TwinMotion, Vray and Autocad along with CNC laser cutting, which makes him an asset on all our teams.


  • Norwich University School of Architecture + Art, Master of Architecture
  • Bachelor of Science, Architecture
  • Henry Adams Medal, Presidential Fellow